5 Techno-Savvy Ways To Flirt With Your Internet Fling


“Techno-savvy ways to start flirting”

Eye contact in the restroom and cheesy compliments at the bar surely makes face to face flirting easier. But what happens if you’re trying to attract someone you’re friends with but distance is in the way? Technology has certainly made keeping in touch easier and knowing more about technology can give you a wide repertoire of how to attract someone to get her to open up to you.

The internet is a highway of possibilities for flirting. Whether licit or illicit, using the technology at our disposal is the new way of connecting not only for singles but for persons in committed relationships who want to keep their relationship exciting and meaningful. Tucking a note in the girlfriend’s notebook will certainly put a smile on her face but so will a well thought of text or tweet.

Here are 5 techno savvy ways of engaging in the art of romance:

Say it with a text message – Anyone who has a cell phone has certainly enjoyed some easy and quick exchanges using SMS with someone at some point. E-mail accounts like yahoo or websites like chikka.com also provide for SMS features making it easy to send SMS messages worldwide. Sending a text is a great way to start a conversation without getting openly rebuffed.


“Start with a next message”

Don’t just say “hi” and leave it at that, come on stronger and this will surely elicit a response from her. If it takes her too long to respond chances are, she may have a lot on her plate and you may have to exert some more effort to get her interested in you. And while you’re at it, it’s not a good idea to be texting while drinking. Alcohol lowers inhibition. Like driving, it can be dangerous mix and you may later regret your drunken episode while the object of your interest will think you’re a big time stalker and she will have the text to prove it.

Say it through social media – Social media is a nice avenue to network and build contacts. This is one of the best ways to keep up with friends and communicate with them. Not too many high school romances got a second chance because of some heavy flirting that ensued after one memorable high school reunion.


“Social media is a great way to flirt”

When you’re in the middle of a flirty exchange, you can be tempted to type before you think and it goes without saying that you might want to read your messages before you post them. Make sure it’s something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to own later on. Public exchanges can do some damage to your reputation long after the tweets or messages have been deleted. Just remember, the rules of dating in the real world apply to the virtual community as well.

Say it with a picture – Like Facebook and Tweeter, Instagram is a photo sharing and social networking service that allow users to get photos, apply digital improvements and share them to networking sites. This app is available through the app store and can be used by any android phone with built in cameras.

Online dating is a great way to meet people. However, most people who join dating sites complain no one looks like the photos they post online. Not everyone is photogenic but there is no excuse in not putting the best foot forward.

For men, this means no pictures of you with other women, any angry serial killer looks or self taken photographs. No one in their right mind will want to entertain what looks like a possible criminal.

For women, smile and look nice, keep it classy and respectable. No sexy shots or scantily clad outfits. You won’t be taken seriously if you come across as a bimbo. Guys, at the end of the day, are just looking for a nice respectable woman they can have fun with. For the same reason as the men, don’t post pictures of you and other men. You will threaten potential mates who will automatically presume you’re taken already.

Say it with a music video – Music can be a great way to convey your appreciation for someone. You can make a music video and post it on YouTube. For married couples, this is a great way to tell your spouse how much you care. This is a great way to make a statement of your interest and your internet fling may also find this very flattering as this is one site dedicated to him or her alone.

Set up a playlist that includes soft romantic as well as sexy tunes. Include your partner or friends’ favorite tunes and if you have access to their iPod or mp3 player, upload the playlist and wait for them to discover your surprise.

There’s an app for that – There are a lot of apps available for just about any kind of dating activity. If you’re in infidelity mode, there are apps that can conveniently hide text messages and calls from your fling so your spouse won’t find out about your little hanky panky. If you want to break the monotony of messaging and declare your interest outright, there is viber and kakao talk that allow you to make free calls even if you are continents away.

These apps can do a lot of work for you like sending flirty images or suggest witty things to say. They can help you connect in an authentic and albeit sexier way.

Say it with a Meme – a meme is an idea or behavior that goes viral within a community. Social networking sites like Facebook and Tumbler are full of thoughtful and insightful romantic memes you can post, share or tag on your partner’s wall. You don’t need to be a graphic designer; you can still use memes to flirt as long as you give credit to the author.

Choose something playful and at the same time alluring. Just remember the public nature of these forums. Do not embarrass your partner by posting inappropriate pictures or comments on their page. The goal is to have her open up to you not scare her away.

Starting the Chase


“It’s the thrill of the chase”

Part of the appeal flirting offers is that nice butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling many of us associate with giddiness. The way you flirt can increase and build anticipation for a night of intimacy. Flirting via the internet offers a lot of possibilities for the motivated soul.
Fling internet dating sites thrives, one only has to make a profile and you’re off to your next great adventure. But, don’t forget that even the best websites for flings, like the list from http://flingsitesguide.com/ cannot assure you of landing a date. These sites for flings does not give 100% assurance of you scoring a date, but they are real. So, the singles have a real chance to score if they follow a fling guide and create attractive profiles. Singles on the prowl may try to exercise some prudence in their approach. It’s flattering to be the object of someone’s interest but starting on the wrong foot can dampen the initial interest. Try to study what the person you’re interested in the likes. Make her curious with cryptic statements. Make her feel special and show genuine interest. Don’t lie or make up stories, she’s bound to find out.
If you’re married and has visited a number of dating sites so you can flirt and amuse yourself, learn how to clear your browser history. Your browser history is a record of all the sites that your computer has opened. This will give your cheating away and your wife will have evidence of you being unfaithful, should she decide to file for divorce.
Last but not least, don’t send explicit messages, emails or texts and not especially to their official company email address. It can be embarrassing and a total turn off. Simply let your intention to connect and celebrate come through and wait for them to respond. If your advances aren’t encouraged, back off and have the decency to walk away. There are still a lot of available candidates for the taking.

Spotting A Fake Online Profile – The Best Way To Save Yourself From Hookup Dating Scams

“Know how to spot a fake profile”

“Know how to spot a fake profile”

A profile plays a great role in online dating sites, and you’ll definitely spend some time on it before hitting whoever owns the profile. The profile is the selling tool for anyone seeking an online date, but a profile can also help you know whether you’re dealing with trusted people or scams. Below are some of the things you should know if you want to avoid the many scams online. This post is limited to discovering fake profiles. You should know that online dating scams are many, and come in many different disguises.

1. The profile is too professional

You want to put the best of you on your profile, to make it stand out and attract men or women who’ll definitely want to hook up with you. The profile layout and images are like a resume, or a cover letter, created to attract potential suitors. Just like any cover letter, there are some elements you want to check out. If the profile is so professional, you should start thinking that something isn’t just right about it. An oh-so-perfect picture can be an edited picture of a model or an actress picked from the internet. The picture should not be too bad that you can’t be able to make out the person in the crowd. Those who put poorly developed pictures of themselves will not want to be detected or identified. Criminals will do this, and they’ll rather use images they pick from the internet or those that will not give them away so easily. You’ll find a lot of profiles with single photos, or profiles with just an image, say a guitar, a bird or anything. You should immediately put a red flag such a profile and move on. Honest people will make it simple.

2. That stunningly beautiful woman looks so eager

“Don’t fall for that profile picture”

“Don’t fall for that profile picture”

Avoid those online dating sites with women who all look like models: beautiful, sexy, and awesomely seductive. Hookup website scams are full of beautiful profiles. Scammers will use such profiles to get men like you who are desperate to find love. Besides the fact that the women are beautiful, one of the common attributes of scam profiles is that the owners are always ready to answer to the messages. They never seem to do anything else. You have the impression that their profession is to chat with you. You feel like she’d been waiting for your message for hours. She starts talking like you’ve known each other for years and you have the feeling that she wants you so much. If it’s too good to be true, it certainly isn’t true.

3. Messages are not personalized

If you’ve been on dating sites for long, you must have noticed that there are lots of people with the same message. Serious hookers will not plainly advertise sex on their profiles. You’ll know that you’re dealing with scam when you receive a scripted answer to a simple, personalized message. Scammers talk to hundreds of people a day, looking for victims, and they do not have the time to personalize their messages, so they use scripts that they just copy and paste. You ask about her occupation, and she answers by telling you she can show herself naked on cam. You should not waste your time; you’ll not even get any sensible answer. Be careful with people using such profiles. They are not real.

4. Sensitive information carelessly displayed

It is rare to find serious people posting their personal emails or phone numbers of online dating profiles, no matter how desperate they are to hook up with someone. They’ll keep this information and only reveal it to people with whom they’ve developed a certain level of trust. You should not message those people whose profiles reveal their email and phone numbers. The number could be an expensive hotline that will make you lose money. Some scammers will leave their email ID’s beside stunningly beautiful pictures because they know that men will immediately be tempted to communicate them via email. Once you send a message through those email addresses, you’ll give the scammer access to your computer and he or she can get information about you. You do not also want your email to be flooded with marketing emails and spam.

5. There is a redirect link on the profile

You should avoid profiles that contain links leading to other web sites or that invite you to sign up for some special services. Scammers will use those fake profiles to redirect others to their websites with redirect links. They’ll invite you to “click here” for live cam. Do not fall for such crap, and immediately skip the profile that is asking you to give your email. If the person is genuine, he or she will use the online dating website tools to upload photos, chat, and communicate with others. Do not send your email to any man or woman who asks for it in order to send you his or her most recent photos. Some will tell you that they prefer to use Skype and yahoo to chat and will ask you for your email. That is just one of the tactics used by dating scammers

6. The profile has only one picture

“Review the profile for information and genuine pictures”

“Review the profile for information and genuine pictures”

It is very common for scammers to not put enough pictures in their online profiles. There are two things you should think about profiles with just one beautiful picture: the person is too cautious, or she has nothing more than that. If she is cautious, that will be fine. In fact, there’s a specific warning about this on the adult friend finder review talked about on hookup online sites about a common adultfriendfinder.com scam which has to do with people putting up model shots on the site and pretending to be hot women. If she has no more than that picture, then she is a trap. Look at the picture, and let it pass through websites that will enable you to see if the picture has already been published anywhere on the internet. You can also Google the email ID posted on profiles that you visit. You’ll find out that the same email features on many profiles. You’ll not be surprised to find out that others have noticed the email or have passed warnings about it on the forums.

Protecting Yourself from Hook Up Dating Scam

“Don’t get trapped in dating scams”

“Don’t get trapped in dating scams”

Besides understanding how to detect fake profiles, there are measures you can take to limit the risks associated with online dating, and protect yourself from hookup dating scams. It’ll be hard for you to completely eliminate the risks, but you can train yourself to know when something is not just right. Trusting your gut feeling is important. Once you discover that something is too good to be true, take a step back and re-evaluate it. Do not get too excited; scammers often prey on new members on dating sites and they’ll exploit your ignorance. Do not post sensitive information on your profile, and avoid posting pictures that can reveal your location. Never give your email to strangers, and never give your home phone. It can be found on directories and it can give out your whole address.

You’ll avoid hookup dating scams if you hunt within your locality. It is characteristic of scammers to target people who are far from them. They know they can be easily caught if they get victims within their area. You should only give information to anyone after meeting him or her, and after developing a good level of trust. Many people have suffered from scams that come in different forms and you may want to avoid them. One important thing you should do is to create a new name and a new email to use on dating websites. You should never use your personal email or your real name on dating sites. If you are vigilant, you’ll avoid the numerous hookup website scams that constitute a great danger to many people.

7 Common Scams In The World Of Married Dating You Need To Know About

It’s a common knowledge that the Internet is plagued with scammers. Such people hide in the safety of anonymity or deception. They have infiltrated almost every website that people frequently use. Married dating websites are not spared. Many people have become victims of married dating scams because scammers have exploited their need to find love and romance.

“Common scams in the married dating world”

“Common scams in the married dating world”

Married dating scams have exploited millions over the last few years. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, $56 million was lost last 2012 due to online dating scams. Married dating scams don’t only have robbed people of their money, but also their time and their hopes of meeting genuine people. Married dating scams frequently occur in websites that do not demand a subscription fee. There are affair websites that have very low security and some do not even monitor the activities of their members. Because of this, subscribing to free affair websites is very risky. Women suffering from the consequences of their husband’s affairs are the most vulnerable victims of married dating scams. Scammers know the right words to say to depressed women. It’s relatively easy to make them feel better. The frustrated women opt for online married dating and sometimes they fall prey to the married dating scams, the married affair websites serve as a source of relief for these vulnerable women but there is plenty of scams online to rob them. For scammers, they just need the time to woo her and fill her with affection. Compliment here, compliment there, listen to her, appreciate her and voila! The scammer is just waiting for the right timing before he can exploit her trust, emotions and money.

Men make up 52% of the victims of online dating scams. Men are prone to send obscene pictures of themselves to their online secret lover. What most of these men do not know is that the pictures they sent could haunt them back in the future.
Scammers can get very crafty with their plans. It’s sad to note that there are many people who are gullible enough that they fall prey to their ploys.
Here are the 7 common married dating scams for you to know. If you frequently use married dating sites it’s best if you equip yourself with this knowledge so you won’t become a victim of married dating scams:

Some Affair Website are Run by Private Investigators

These private investigators are either hired by your spouse or by the dating site that you use. Almost 90% of affair dating scams are run by private investigators. They will keep the romance going until you have divulged a substantial amount of information. They will use this information against you. They will demand that you pay a certain amount or else they will expose your intent of having an affair to your husband or wife.
How will you know that you are dealing with a private investigator? One, you will notice that she/he is too nosy about your personal life. She/he will ask for contact information, address, career, about your husband/ wife etc. Two, she/he refuses to have a conversation over the phone or delays your invitation of meeting up. Three, you most likely interact with a private investigator if you are not using a legitimate affair website.

Blackmails are On the Way

“Save yourself from Blackmails”

“Save yourself from Blackmails”

This time the scammer need not be a private investigator. She/he could be anyone in your contacts in your affair website. What she/he will do is that she/he will invite you to use another medium to continue your correspondence. You will be asked to move to private messaging through another email or using other social networking site. She/he will initiate racy conversations with you and will ask you to send naughty pictures. If you’re gullible enough you actually send him/her the pictures. What you don’t know is that this lowlife is already feeding your information and pictures on another website. The next thing you’ll know is that she/he’ll send you a link to a website where your photo is embarrassingly posted. The worst thing is that she/he is the only one who can take it off from that website. Before she/he will take it down she/he’ll demand some sort of “ransom”. If you do pay the “ransom” you are not sure if she/he’ll fulfill part of her/ his part of the bargain. Eventually, this blackmailer can and will continue to extort money from you.

An “Emergency” Came Up

She/he’ll tell you that her/ his mother, father, siblings or someone close to her/he got into an accident. She/he’ll narrate a sob story and tell you that you’re the only one who can help. She/he’ll move you to pity so you will send the money. This is the first thing that scammers will do. They will test you if you actually bite the bait. If you gave in to their story they know it’s only the start. They know you will continue to send money. Each time they ask you for money the amount increases. If you have gotten a whiff of this kind of story immediately cut off your correspondence with him/ her.

I want to See You, but I Can’t Afford It

“They manipulate you to send money”

“They manipulate you to send money”

Anyone in the world can have an access to affair websites. The possibility of meeting someone living in another country is not far from happening. You may have exchanged emails with a person for months and you feel that the romance is certain. She/he tells you that she/he wants to meet you but does not have the money to travel to your place. Doubt may be the last thing on your mind so you send him/her the money. When the day comes that you are finally meeting her at the airport you’ll find yourself standing and waiting for hours with no signs of his/ her arrival. Wake up! Your so-called lover ditched you and took your money.

Everything is a Revenge Ploy

You may have been acting like the biggest jerk in the world and your office mates are dying to bring you down. Another scenario would be that you are unconscientiously philandering with different men (or women) each week. You officemates or your spouse have had enough of your sick attitude and want to plan revenge. What they will do is make a phony account and seduce you in an online affair. It can go on for months and you might have given him/ her some of your racy photos. Or make you fall in love and then dump you. You might think that there is a genuine person behind that account. The truth is, they are just waiting to blow the coup de grace and bring you to humiliation.

Says “I love you” Too Soon

Scammers use this tactic to immediately build the romance with you. You’d be amazed how this works wonders. Once they have gotten a hold of your emotions and affections you will become easy to manipulate. When they know they have hit the go signal they will start asking you to send money. Sometimes they won’t even care if the reason why they’re asking for money is legitimate.

Scammers: Too Good to be True Dates

“If it’s too good to be true, then it's certainly not true”

“If it’s too good to be true, then it’s certainly not true”

They will use pictures of good-looking men and women. They know that they have to use a good picture to attract their victims. They also list details in their profiles that will make them appear attractive. They could write things like sport champion, beauty queen etc. Be wary of such profiles. If you cannot find a lot of photos in his/ her profile it’s probably operated by a scammer.
You need to use your common sense so you will not be a victim of married dating scams. Always be careful when interacting in dating websites because the possibility of interacting with scammers is very high and now that your emotions and your money are on the line, you need to take extra care.

Easy To Follow Stock Market Tips For Newcomers

Many of our parents believe in making good investments for the future and they do rightly so. Learning how to invest in stock markets, real estate, art and financial institutions is not only a wonderful way to learn about how money works, but it also creates a little hoard of money to fall back on in tough times. To start with, there are some simple stock market tips for newcomers that can be very helpful in learning how and when to invest.

Stock Market Tips For Newcomers

Keep practicing the art of trading as much as you can

The first thing to remember is that investing in the stock market is a business and not a hobby or a way to pass the time. It requires business acumen, common sense and a thorough understanding of the subject. This is why there are large firms dedicated solely to business of brokering stocks. If you are interested in the stock market, you need take it seriously and work on developing your skills instead of just relying on luck. This is one of the first stock market tips for newcomers in the business.

Second of all, you need to learn how to manage your money. When trading in stocks, it is best to proceed one step at a time. Invest only a small portion of the money you have in the market and see how it works out. If you make a profit, then use it to invest further instead of digging more money out of your savings. This helps you to properly allocate money into an investment portfolio over time.

You need to constantly be updated and keep in touch with the stock market. This is one of the important stock market tips for newcomers. If you have just started trading stocks, you should keep note of how your stocks are faring in the market and be responsive to a situation in which you should sell. Ideally, you can use an investment service that gives you all the updates you need over time. You should also read as much as you can on how the stock market is expected to perform, so that you can be prepared for any sudden dips or falls.

Lastly, keep practicing the art of trading as much as you can. If you don’t want to put in money immediately, then simply start doing it on paper. Write down names of companies and how you would invest in them. This sort of practice helps you to develop a keen sense for the stock market and is one the best stock market tips for newcomers in the business.

How to break up with a girl without drama

man woman hands holding broken heartA breakup is always messy whatever the reasons are. Here’s some good advice from Dr Jonas LaForge, a naturopath from Vancouver (website here).  If you are able to leave the relationship with dignity it can save the drama and make it a smooth transition. On the other hand creating a scene can shred both of the dignity. Assess the situation and ask your mind if it is what you want.

If you are the one deciding to break up have the courage to tell your girl about it. Ask her to meet you at a quiet place and not in a crowded coffee shop. Rehearse yourself on how you are going to make her face the situation without much drama. Try meeting in any romantic places you have been to before. This could kick up unwanted memories. It is you that is doing the dumping work for whatever reason hence show empathy towards her out bursts or anger. Accept it as your fault but still make her understand that it is the best for both of you,

After she’s done with the outburst gently expresses your feelings. Don’t run her down by telling her what you did not like about her or her family. Instead make it appear as if it is your fault and you probably dint deserve her at the same time done sound weak and make statements to let her think there is scope for reconciliation. If you really decide to break off be firm while bring polite.

You can also give a time frame to the meeting. About an hour and maximum 2 hours otherwise the talks can go on and on. You can tell her that you have other meetings after that. Don’t give promises of tall talks of being friends. They don’t happen in most break ups and that is one way of telling you can give it a try. If your mind is made up just apologise. Listen and move on.

In all probabilities your girl can create a drama and start sobbing. You can always talk to her about the relationship and tell her that with you it is not getting anywhere. Make her feel she can get someone suited to her. Let her understand that it is not her fault but you done see further scope in the relationship. If the girl is also right with the break up at the end then there are no issues. If she is used and really wants to give it a try you can give her a few weeks. There can be two outcomes. If you really want to call it off you need not go out of the way to call her or reciprocate her calls. You can just be cordial yet a little cold. She will take the cue and move on.

On the other hand if you have also working on rethink about the situation then just wait and watch. Relationships are beautiful and they all have their own way of healing. Finally if you are interested in somebody just tell her At least she will walk away thinking it is not her fault and move on.

Top 3: Tips to Resolve Conflicts Quickly

101Conflict photoAccording to Dr Jonas Laforge (see here) There are times when an argument can get way out of hand and actually lead to physical confrontation; which can lead to broken bones and missing teeth.

Let’s face it, some people have a violent streak and would reach for a bottle, chair, glass cup or any other item that they can throw at you when they get mad – you do not want to get into a fight with a violent person.

If you find yourself in an argument with a hot tempered person, here are top tips to help you resolve conflicts quickly:

Be Calm

When you notice that the person is shouting and getting all worked up, you should ensure that you remain as calm as you possibly can. When you are calm, this will also make the other person stop yelling and bring his or her voice down.

Do Not Yell – You will Only Be Adding Fuel to Fire!

Yelling back at a hot tempered person is just what they need to carrying on with their ranting. A hot tempered person just loves to talk and would want to ensure that they out-shout you. In order to diffuse the situation, do not yell! If you must speak, you need to speak calmly. Because the person does not want to be seen as the “yelling one” he or she might lower their voice and may want to reason with you. Most times, yelling back will also give a hot tempered person the chance to get all riled up and ready to explode.  Just ensure that you duck when they reach for any object that they can throw at you or at the wall.

Walk Away

If you notice that the person’s violent tendency is going on full gear, you should immediately excuse yourself. There are many cases of people who felt that walking away will make them seem weak; but they ended up badly injured or worse still; dead! There is no point trying to reason with someone who is acting like a crazy person. Your safety is of the utmost importance; so ensure that you take your leave when you notice that the person is beginning to “lose it”.

You need to remember that not every person will behave “normally” or the way that you expect them to behave. So, if you get into an argument with an unreasonable person, do the smart thing – do not encourage them.

iPad: Why it’s better than any android tablet 

The concept of Tablet Computers is not new as many people assume. Very few people are aware of the fact that they have been around for almost 20 years. However, it was only in April 2010 that people started focusing attention on tabs. This was the time when Apple stunned the International market with a sensation known as iPad. It brought about a whole new dimension in the world of communication devices, leaving most of the world population in a state of shock.

It did not take time for iPad to make a name for itself. The device reflected a lot of attractiveness and it was classy. The fact that it was extremely easy to use was like icing over the cake. The very idea of carrying the iPad in the hand came across as something extremely ‘cool’ and trendy.

However, competition is never too far in this day and age and it did not take long for other communication device manufacturers to come up with something that was meant to give a tough time to iPad. In February 2011, Motorola became the first Company to come up with an Android Tablet. It was called ‘the Xoom’.

Android tablets too are equipped with some of the best features. The fact that apps can be downloaded instantly and stored into the device directly makes these tablets highly popular. This lead to a question that was more or less predictable. The consumer class was wondering as to which device is better between the iPad and Android.

Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple's iPad

Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple’s iPad


Comparing iPad and Android is a very tough job. To begin with, iPad is something that only Apple manufactures. On the other hand, Android is manufactured by every single Company that is into making hardware that has the ability to support the operating system of Google. With a number of Companies manufacturing Android, there is every possibility that some of the models would go onto become iconic in nature while some may not be upto the mark.

iPhone, iPad and Android Application

iPhone, iPad and Android Application


Although the comparison between iPad and Android is a tough one to execute, it is safe to claim that iPad scores more over android when it comes to applications. Apple launched iPad after doing lot of research. Its programmers were working on the device for a couple of years before it was launched in the market. Hence, iPad had thousands of apps the moment it was launched. On the other hand, Android was launched in order to make life difficult for iPad. Hence, the focus was more on getting the device ready within a short span of time. At the time when ‘the Xoom’ was launched, its apps category was almost empty. 

How to tell good guys from players

How does one distinguish between a good guy and a player especially if a person had not been involved with a player? A player is the one who is always on the lookout for the next conquest. Even when he is with his date, he is constantly looking at other girls. Sometimes the date may not even realise this. He is also a smooth talker and more interested in getting physical even at the first date. He can talk sex all day. If you notice such symptoms in your date it is better to watch carefully or even walk away.

A genuine good guy always cares for the emotions and reputation of his girl. He respects her right to privacy and is not quick to rush into a physical relationship. He is kind of an every women’s dream man. How easy is it to distinguish between good guys and players? Sometimes players emulate good guys so well that it is very difficult to tell. Physical appearances, status, good jobs and sophistication alone cannot be a standard for a good man. No man is hundred per cent perfect and we all have flaws. Certain defects can be reckoned with and compromises can be made. Some things are incorrigible and a player falls under the second category.

However there are certain traits in a man which can distinguish him from a player. It is generally accepted fact that a man who treats his mother and family with respect reflects his the way he generally treats women although this cannot be single criteria that distinguishes good guys from players. To a large extent the family background of a person is an influencing factor. If he comes from a secure close knit family he is sure to have a sense of responsibility.

A First date conversation can vary greatly

A First date conversation can vary greatly

A player need not only be a man running after sex. He can also be dependent financially and strain women of the resources especially if she’s smitten with hid good looks. He may be a lazy worker and hence drain her of her finances. A workaholic on the other hand may be arrogant and offer no time for the women.

A player never takes responsibility for his actions. He is always blaming it on others and trying to move on. His dialogues are often intimate and relating to sex. He shows no interest in wanting to get to know you or your likes and dislikes. A good gut on the other hand waits to get to know you.

Let's talk about sex, shall we? Don't be shy

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Don’t be shy

The best way to check players is to watch their body language subtly. If he thinks you are not looking and try to check out other girls he is a player. It is an indication that commitment and long term relationships are not his forte. A good guy can look at a girl and yet tell you what he feels about her looks or anything else he finds interesting. These are just small cues to look far. In reality it is difficult to really tell a player from a good guy unless you have dated him for a long time.

3 short exercises you can do at home to keep fit

Not all of us can afford to buy all the fancy equipments that are available at the gym. However, exercise is an important part of our life without which it is difficult to stay healthy. The skill lies in doing the exercises without buying those costly equipments or even visiting the gym. There are some simple exercises that can be done at your home and can help you stay fit.

The following 3 exercises can be done at home that can help you stay fit

Walking and jumping jacks– The weather may not be very nice for you to go out and do work out daily. You can effectively walk within the house and do some aerobic exercise too. The aerobic exercises do not need a lot of space. You can use the stairs of your house and go up and down a few times. Though it may not be very exciting it can do the job. You can measure the calories lost after you climb up and down the stairs each time. It would give you a lot of motivation.

 Exercises you can do at home.

Exercises you can do at home.

Pushups, Crunches and Leg Lifts – Pushups are not exercise that many people love to do. There are many creative ways of doing push ups that can help you do the exercise and gain from that. If you are looking to build muscles and strength in your legs you need to give enough exercise for your legs. This is possible just sitting at home. Initially you may find it very hard to exercise with your legs straight. However, you can do these exercises keeping your legs little bent. Crunches are excellent for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Jogging and dancingJogging in one place can be an awesome exercise for your heart. This can be done easily from home. While listening to your favorite movie you can also jog at one place. All you need to do this is a great pair of shoes as it can safeguard against any stress that may come to your legs. Dancing is a blissful exercise that is considered great for weight loss and maintaining healthy heart. Dancing can lift your spirits and give you the much needed boost. This can be done comfortably from your home.

Jogging is a useful exercise, but if you do not do it properly, the risk of injury will always haunt you.

Jogging is a useful exercise, but if you do not do it properly, the risk of injury will always haunt you.

By doing these three short exercises you can make sure you are getting adequate exercise without the need to go out or join a gym. This would also help you save a great deal of money by saving on the heavy membership fees of the gym. You need not purchase any heavy equipment to give your body the workout it needs. You can use what ever you have at your house. So, start exercising today!

Investing: The 3 hottest technology stock investments for 2013

The technology sector is an excellent sector for investors. It is the largest single sector in the market that outweighs financial and industrial sectors. Technology companies are renowned for innovation and invention. Their innovative new products and services provide them with a steady stream of growth prospects. If you want to make investment in the technology stocks for 2013, the top 3 choices are Amazon, Qualcomm and EMC


Amazon is one of the three hottest technology stock investments for 2013. Amazon serves through its retail websites and pays more attention on price, convenience and choices. It generates revenue by selling Kindle devices and serving developers and enterprises of all sizes. It also offers marketing and promotional services. The company has acquired the publication rights from Avalon Books recently. The stock price is around $272.

Amazon has come a long way from its initial days of selling books online. A study made by Forrester Research shows that the online shoppers in the U.S will spend around $327 billion in 2016. This is around 62% increase from a year ago. Hence, many investors believe that the core business of Amazon will continue to benefit from its leading position in the ecommerce space.

Amazon Serves Up Gingerbread For All

Amazon Serves Up Gingerbread For All

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM)

Qualcomm generates revenue from technology licensing, CDMA technologies, wireless and internet and strategic initiatives. The company has recently won the Voice and Data telecom Leadership And Innovation Awards for the year 2012. As the use of wireless telecommunication devices is increasing year after year, the company has great scope for growth and profits. The number of worldwide mobile connection is estimated to touch 6.8 billion in 2014. This is 1 billion more than two years ago. 3G is estimated to touch 2.75 billion at the end of 2014. Qualcomm has introduced ultra low power near field communication solution for mobile devices at the end of 2012. The chip is 50% smaller than the near field communication chips available in the market. The ideas and innovative products and services of Qualcomm are expected to continue to attract people all over the world.

Qualcomm shuts FLO TV, sells spectrum to AT&T

Qualcomm shuts FLO TV, sells spectrum to AT&T


EMC is one of the hottest technology stock investments for 2013. It is the top provider of IT storage hardware solutions. Recently, the company has integrated with VMware. More than 80% of VMware stocks is owned by EMC. VMware and EMC have leading technologies in core areas like cloud OS, information storage, information protection and security and virtualization. These areas have potential for substantial growth. The investors who want to take advantage of VMware’s growth can consider investing in EMC stocks. Many analysts expect the earnings of EMC will grow about 16% per year in the next two years.

Investors can also consider Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). No doubt Apple will perform well next year. However, the top most choices right now are Amazon, Qualcomm and EMC. 

2013 Flicks: My Top Three Picks

Another year has passed and this means that new movies are coming our way. The previous year had also been packed with movies worth spending the time watching and 2013 has yet unfolded a bunch of movies to root for. Amongst the 2013 movie releases, here are my top three picks:

The Host

Are you ready for some alien invasion? Stephenie Meyer is once more back (after the Twilight Saga) with the upcoming movie, The Host, which will be directed by Susanna White who also helmed Nanny McPhee Returns. Andrew Niccol was first rumored to direct the film but now that the director has been finally announced in public, they will soon get rolling. The Host centers on the Earth being inhabited by aliens who snag human bodies and erase their personalities. Now, this has quite a twist from Meyer’s bloodsucking works of fiction. This is going to be starred by Saoirse Ronan and its release date is set to be on the 29th of March this year.

Find out in Alien Invasion

Find out in Alien Invasion

The Bitter Pill

Steven Soderbegh is up for another all-star cast movie, The Bitter Pill, which stars Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vinessa Shaw and Channing Tatum. The Bitter Pill, as the title suggests, is a drama thriller which focuses on how drugs influence the human brain. Rooney Mara plays Emily Hawkins, the main character of the story, who turns to drugs to allay her anxiety involving her husband’s (Channing Tatum) release in prison. Jude Law also plays a psychiatrist in The Bitter Pill and Catherine Zeta-Jones is Dr. Erica Siebert. The Bitter Pill will be out in theatres on February 8. This is absolutely going to be psychedelic!

The Bitter Pill

The Bitter Pill

Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard

Bruce Willis wants it the hard way and is back for A Good Day to Die Hard (also known as Die Hard 5) which is helmed by phenomenal director, Len Wiseman. So, you think the Die Hard series is already over? After all the financial success earned by the series since 1988, this is still worthy of another sequel. This time, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is enemy number one among terrorists around the globe plus a crook Russian leader is on the loose. In order to keep the world a better place, he needs to work with his soon, also to keep both of them alive. Do you have any idea who’s going to play as John McClane’s son? That’s what we have to keep an eye on. A Good Day to Die will be on February 14. What a good way to spend Valentine’s Day with some action!

Indeed, there are so many movies to watch out for this year. Big names like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and many others also have something to keep us entertained in 2013. Whoa! I’m already stoked!